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5 Interesting facts about Northampton...

1.) Popular comedian Alan Carr grew up in Northampton, in fact, his dad Graham Carr – formerly a half-back with The Cobblers in the sixties – was the manager of Northampton Town football club between 1985 and 1990.

2.) Scientist Francis Crick, born in the town in 1916, along with James D. Watson discovered the structure of DNA, and went on to win a Nobel Prize.

3.) Composer William Alwyn (1905-1985) was born in the town.

4.) Historically Northampton was known for its shoe and leather industry.

5.) In 1974 Danish beer giants Carlsberg opened a brewery in Northampton, the first outside Denmark. HRH Princess Benedikte visited Northampton to do the honours, a trip she remade 38 years later in 2012 to celebrate the town’s historic trade connections with Denmark.

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