08 July 2014

Nuchat discuss - Revising the NMC code & Revalidation


Nurchat will be meeting at 8pm on Tuesday 8th July on Twitter to debate the recently published draft revisions to the code of conduct for nurses and midwives.  Nurchat is an online discussion group for healthcare professionals, dedicated to raising and deliberating the most important issues affecting healthcare.  Jackie Smith, NMC Chief Executive, describes the changes as “an opportunity to reflect on practice,”  but Nurchat are keen to hear what front line nurses think about the changes.  The NMC will be joining in the talk, so this is the perfect opportunity to share thoughts,  raise ideas and ask questions regarding the revisions using #nurchat.

Jackie Smith, recently spoke at the RCN Congress in Liverpool, where she raised the idea of professionalism, safe, compassionate care, leadership and time management.  Nurchat would particularly like to focus on whether the proposed changes to the code go far enough to meet Robert Francis’ recommendations, whether raising concerns and ‘whistleblowing’ should be referred to separately, and whether the enhanced CPD guidance should be welcomed, or whether nurses and midwives should be responsible for their own development. 

To take part in a #NurChat discussion, you’ll need to have a twitter account.  Using the tweet box on http://nurchat.co.uk/join-nurchat-live/ you will be able to see the conversation as it happens.  This box will automatically add the NurChat hashtag for you when you join in. If you need any assistance, tweet @NurChat for help.