09 July 2015

NurChat and NMC lead discussion on Revalidation for Nurses

Over 150 nurses gathered on NurChat last night, Newcross Healthcare’s nurse Twitter forum, to discuss the hot topic of Revalidation.

It has been highlighted as the single biggest change in nursing regulation, impacting the way in which a nurse or midwife demonstrates their clinical competence to renew their registration every three years.

As a leading employer of nurses and an organisation committed to excellence in care, Newcross Healthcare is dedicated to supporting their nurses through Revalidation. As part of their social media project NurChat, they held a joint twitter chat with the NMC to discuss the new requirements. A record attendance of 151 people and over 1,600 tweets in the #NurChat showed that this is a significant issue for nurses and one they are interested in engaging with.

The healthcare sector has been shaken in recent times by reports of poor practise, leadership and training as well as inadequate staffing levels causing patients to be put at risk of poor care. It’s intended that the Revalidation process will give the public greater confidence in registered staff, while also giving practitioners a framework in which to own their personal development.

The new requirements have left many nurses with concerns about maintaining their registered status and consequently their livelihoods. The time involved as well as the receiving the necessary support from employers were the main concerns raised. Questions around the format of the portfolio, the contents and how it can submitted were also pertinent in the chat.

Following feedback from the pilot organisations already adopting the scheme, the NMC suggest Revalidation should be an ongoing process and early feedback shows that it is ‘achievable, feasible and valuable’. Newcross Healthcare already offers nurses an annual appraisal and regular feedback from clients, and with an existing clinical team of lead nurses, the organisation is ready to fully support nurses in this process.

Registered Nurse and Managing Director of Newcross Healthcare, Michelle Gorringe, said “As a nurse-led organisation, we are committed to ensuring our nurses have the best support to meet the Revalidation criteria. We believe regular feedback is important in personal growth and development, and with the support of myself and the clinical team, we will be able to offer full support for our nurses.”