11 May 2016

NurChat celebrates nurses in time for International Nurses Day

This week, International Nurses Day (IND) will be celebrated around the world on the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth - 12th May, which is the perfect time to mark the contributions that nurses make.

At Newcross, quality is the lifeblood that runs through everything that we do. We are committed to ensuring that we provide our clients with the highest quality care possible and that is through our nurses.

With the growing strains on the healthcare sector, the role of a nurse is becoming more important than ever and having strong and resilient health systems in place to effectively respond to challenges and to deliver high quality health care to all is apparent.

Being a professional nurse means courage, resilience and trust. It means treating patients and colleagues with dignity, compassion and respect. It also means being accountable and being up to date with best practice and training.

On Tuesday, our twitter chat #NurChat celebrated nurses. Participants shared stories, discussing why they became a nurse, who inspired them, any advice they would give aspiring nurses as well as sharing pictures of badges and uniforms they have and had in the past.

Take a look at the inspiring photos, memories and advice shared…



To read the full transcript from Tuesday’s chat click here or watch our slideshare here.

#NurChat will return on 24th May at 8pm with a focus on “Do Not Resuscitate – room for improvement in end of life care?