05 January 2015

Nurchat Nurse Donna Mullikin nominated for ‘Tweeter of the Year’ award

Donna Mullikin, one of our NurChat lead nurses, has been nominated for the Nursing Times Nurse Tweet of the Year award 2014.

Working as the Clinical Assessor in the Truro area, Donna’s day job is assessing patients requiring care at home and creating personalised care plans to meet their needs. She cares passionately about enabling people to live as independently as possible and encouraging clients to become experts / leaders in their own care.

On top of her day-to-day role, Donna is also one of the lead nurses for NurChat and tweets about topical healthcare issues from dementia care to tissue viability. She has a particular interest in elderly care and the management of long term conditions. She is also interested in the development of mentorship skills and regularly carries out staff supervisions, which has grown her interest in reflective practice and its role in staff development.

Donna’s reaction to being nominated was one of sheer surprise; “I never expected to be nominated for an award like this. It’s a privilege to communicate with such a wide range of people through twitter, and to be able to draw upon the expertise of so many healthcare professionals is a great advantage of social networks.”

You can follow Donna on Twitter @DonnaNewcross or keep up to date with NurChat discussions and tweets here @NurChat.