13 May 2015

Nurchat: Nurse's Day 2015

International Nurse's Day is celebrated around the World each year on Florence Nightingales’ birthday 12th May, to give thanks for the contribution nurses make to individuals and the wider society. 

The World Health Organisation have recently attributed the work of nurses and the nursing profession as being responsible for providing up to 90% of all healthcare worldwide.  In the UK Nurses play an integral part of healthcare delivery, supporting people throughout every stage of their lives, from birth to death. 

Nurchat, the Twitter based forum dedicated to nursing and healthcare topics, teamed up with the RCN for a very special tweet chat to mark the occasion by encouraging nurses to share their stories of why they were inspired to nurse, what the best aspect of their role was and how they were celebrating Nurse's Day 2015. 

Despite ongoing press coverage of the challenges faced by the nursing profession, including being understaffed and under pressure, a huge turnout of participants joined together for an overwhelmingly optimistic discussion, sharing personal nursing stories and how together as a profession nurses and healthcare staff were always striving to improve the quality of lives and the care industry through their work. 

The top 5 themes throughout the chat:

  • Celebration - reflecting, joining together and planning how to continue making a positive difference
  • Inspiration - inspired to nurse by family, friends, other nurses and personal experiences 
  • Teamwork - love for their teams due to the support offered, the dedication, the passion and the drive to give the best possible care
  • Reflection - on the best part of the role, learning and helping others, improving and delivering life-changing care 
  • Continuation - why they continue to nurse, wanting to help others, make a difference and because they feel it's an amazing profession.  

Join the next Nurchat on the 19th May where the discussion will focus on Dementia Awareness Week and person centred care for people with dementia in hospital.