20 June 2012

Nurchat.co.uk launches with new features!

New Nurchat Header 378

We're delighted to announce that NurChat now has a new home on a dedicated site and you can find it at Nurchat.co.uk. It's packed with new features that will give users more opportunities to interact with NurChat and offer a permanent resource of all past NurChat discussions. We're also planning an exciting programme of guest contributors, so stay tuned to NurChat for announcements about this.

NurChat has established itself as one of the leading social media activities for nurses seeking interaction and professional discussion with other nurses and healthcare professionals. The #NurChat discussion is held on twitter every other Tuesday from 8pm - 9pm, and it's completely free to join in. It's become such an essential resource for nurses and healthcare professionals to communicate with each other and discuss current issues, we felt it was high time a dedicated site was required.

Nurchat.co.uk now offers a range of ways users can interact the service such as email notification of upcoming discussions, viewing the #NurChat feed live from the site, and the opportunity to search through every previous NurChat in our archive. We also now offer the opportunity to download a CPD certificate of participation for anyone who contributed to a NurChat, which all registered nurses can use as part of the NMC PREP (continuing professional development) requirements.

Newcross Healthcare has been committed to continuing professional development for all our staff members since the very beginning, and this is the latest addition to our CPD provision for not only healthcare professionals working for Newcross, but in the wider healthcare community.

CEO of Newcross Healthcare, Stephen Pattrick said,

"We're passionate about providing this outlet for professional healthcare debate, and that's why we're supporting it with a brand new dedicated site that can offer a greater range of interaction opportunities for anyone interested in NurChat."