17 May 2010

Nurses' Day competition winner annouced!

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Thank you

I was so encouraged to read such thoughtful entries for our Nurses' Day competition.  It was a real pleasure to see how so many of you are so dedicated to your chosen profession in Care.  The clear message that runs through all your entries is how you all respect our service users and to you a career in Care is not just a job, it is a vocation.  I am proud to have each and every one of you as part of my team at Newcross.

There was, however, one clear winner from all the entries that we received that we felt came straight from the heart and really captured the Nurses' Day ethos.  I am delighted to announce the deserving winner is


Paul is registered as a Healthcare Assistant with our Exeter Office where he will be presented with his fabulous luxury hamper.  His winning entry will be published in Pulse Magazine and can also be read below:

Care to me is to give the same amount of help, respect, courtesy and choice to someone as I would like to receive myself if the situation was reversed. In my opinion based on my experience working in the areas of care in which I enjoy mental health and learning difficulties is to maintain a good working relationship between the service user and the staff that I am with, to give them the confidence that I know how to approach any situation if it arises. As an agency carer when going to a new environment that the staff are happy with my personal approach straight away within the first hour as the saying goes 'First impressions matter' .Giving choice to a service user e.g. What they would like to eat rather than presenting them with something they may not like, to ask rather than telling is far more caring. Thank you Paul Fitzgerald H.C.A.

Kindest regards

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Michelle Pattrick RGN