21 January 2016

Nurses evaluate revalidation – prepare, support and ask!

With revalidation fast approaching, #NurChat thought that it was an appropriate time to evaluate how nurses across the country are feeling about the impending change.

Preparation, preparation, preparation. After the initial shock and horror at the prospect of revalidation, the majority of nurses have come to realise that preparation is the key element of this new venture. With preparation comes confidence and positivity, one #NurChatter commented “be proactive, get those templates done!” while another said “start early and try not to worry, it is entirely manageable.”

While this positivity appeared to set the tone for #NurChat, the role of the employer in making sure that staff feel supported seemed to have a huge impact.  Those nurses who were the most prepared and positive had fantastic levels of support from their employers, everything ranging from workshops, dedicated webpages to regular communications is on offer from some employers, however, unfortunately, not all nurses felt that they had the same levels of support leaving them feeling anxious.

The information available from the NMC was praised during the #NurChat twitter chat, “without doubt 99% [of] questions are answered in guidance,” nurses were encouraged to take advantage of the amount of material the NMC had to help elevate worries they may have.

Running revalidation alongside nursing practice to ensure that revalidation is manageable and not seen as “extra work” was hugely emphasised. Some participants of the #NurChat pointed out that revalidation requirements should already be being met due to the NMCs previous PREP requirements, which outlines that registrants should be completing reflective practice and having regular supervision with managers, employers and peers.

On the whole, the ability to obtain feedback was a hot topic for discussion, however nurses agreed that all they need to do is – ask!  The use of thank you cards and complement slips were encouraged along with kudos cards which nurses could keep in their pockets and hand out to peers to write a short sentence on how that nurse preformed on their practice as this would be valuable for their reflection. It was reminded that verbal feedback can also be reflected on as long as confidentiality was maintained, and that nurses cross-referenced the reflective practice to the code of conduct.

Revalidation will be starting from April 2016 and will require nurses to demonstrate how they practise safely and effectively. It will occur every 3 years when nurses renew their place on the NMC register.

To read the full transcript from Tuesday’s chat click here: http://nurchat.co.uk/last-nurchat/

You can get involved in the next #NurChat on 02nd February 2016 at 8pm.