30 March 2014

Nursing & Culture Change

Culture Change – Apprenticeships, the media and the profile of nursing are all issues that are due to be debated using #nurchat at 8pm, 1st April 2014. Nurchat is a fortnightly twitter based discussion group focussing on current UK healthcare issues. Guest hosting the event will be Stella Backhouse, creator of popular nursing blog ‘Grumbling Appendix.’ Stella has over 25 years nursing experience and originally trained through the apprenticeship route after first gaining a degree.

The Mid-Staffs scandal has led to intense media interest in healthcare culture, the profile of nursing and the training of healthcare assistants. As we enter the second year post-Francis, culture change is arguably one of the biggest challenges for the healthcare sector. Long-term culture change can only be achieved if it is led by frontline staff, who are backed by a supportive management structure.

So will an apprenticeship route into nursing inherently change the culture and profile of an all-graduate profession? Will this alternative route into nursing create a separate knowledge base of HCAs carrying their existing experience into a nursing role? Is the struggle for profile still linked to nursing shaking off its all-female past and to what extent is the popular media creating a barrier to the advancement of nursing as a profession?

To take part in a #NurChat discussion, you’ll need to have a twitter account. Using the tweet box on http://nurchat.co.uk/join-nurchat-live/ you will be able to see the conversation as it happens. This box will automatically add the NurChat hashtag for you when you join in. If you need any assistance, tweet @NurChat for help.