27 April 2014

Nursing - The leap into professional practice

Newly qualified nurses, preceptorships and the leap into professional practice are all issues that are due to be debated using #nurchat at 8pm, 29th April 2014. Nurchat is a fortnightly twitter based discussion group focussing on current UK healthcare issues. The chat is open to anyone with an interest in the topic, but is an ideal opportunity for nurses, newly qualified nurses and student nurses to meet and talk about issues effecting their profession.

Do you think there are enough preceptorship places available to ensure every newly qualified nurse has the opportunity for best possible start in the profession? Are staffing shortages putting newly qualified nurses under pressure to take on more responsibilities than they should or can? Is there a shortage of suitably qualified staff with the time to take on mentoring newly qualified nurses to the standard they need? Did you have a preceptorship place secured when you got your first nursing job?

This is the ideal discussion for anyone who is new to twitter. We’ll be taking it slow and helping each other get to grips with how to get the most out of twitter while discussing this topic. Come along, make some new friends and you’ll find a community of supportive people and exciting discussions.

To take part in a #NurChat discussion, you’ll need to have a twitter account. Using the tweet box on http://nurchat.co.uk/join-nurchat-live/ you will be able to see the conversation as it happens. This box will automatically add the NurChat hashtag for you when you join in. If you need any assistance, tweet @NurChat for help.