21 July 2014

The only way is up for Truro Newcross!

The Cornish city of Truro was the scene of some serious moving and shaking this month as the Newcross Healthcare team expanded their office space into all 3 floors of the Lemon Street offices where they are based. The expansion means that Newcross Healthcare are now the only business to operate from the building, giving much needed extra space for new and existing office based personnel. The team at Truro has rapidly increased in number over the past few years following high levels of demand across Cornwall for the company’s Care at Home services and the need by both public and private organisations for Newcross’ permanently employed top-quality healthcare professionals.

The Truro Team enjoying their extra office space

Angela Jane, Business Centre Manager for Truro has said of the move  “We’re looking forward to welcoming our clients both old and new into our newly improved premises. As a team we are growing all of the time to meet the high levels of demand from the local area, we’re really pleased to have the extra space.” 

Theresa  Lane-Seriff, Homecare Business Centre Manager said "Having the extra space from expanding onto all 3 floors, means that we now have the perfect office for all of our business requirements, including private areas to meet clients to discuss their individual needs and large, airy training rooms for employee development.”

Newcross prides itself on its high standards of service, which are achieved by employing only the most caring and compassionate healthcare employees.  The company ensures all staff are trained in a range of different competencies and given regular opportunities to update their knowledge and skills.  Every employee is managed on an individual basis, with client feedback regularly sought. Newcross believe that it is the right of every individual to receive personalised care that enriches and enhances their life.