Our Specialisms

Through our nationwide network of local branches, we deliver two distinct types of services. We provide care in Establishments, such as nursing homes, hospitals, schools and hospices. Additionally, we're also pioneers in Complex Care scenarios, where our specially trained staff provide one-to-one support, typically within an individual's home.

All our carefully-vetted healthcare professionals are permanent employees supported by clinical and administrative teams. As a client, you'll get additional peace-of-mind from the highest standards of service including a dedicated 24/7 hotline, VAT-free billing, and a wide range of world-class training options.


Newcross has developed unrivalled experience across the widest array of environments and care needs. We liaise closely with Managers, Administrators and Clinicians to ensure our staff work harmoniously with in-house care teams and enhance the lives of service users.   

We employ a wide range of qualified healthcare professionals including all grades of nursing staff. The following list is not exhaustive, but details some of the specialist services we can cater for:

  • A&E nurses

  • Acute medical

  • Acute surgery

  • Acquired brain injury

  • Cardiac

  • Community nursing

  • Complex nursing and care, including tracheostomy and peg feeding

  • Critical care, including ITUs and HDUs

  • Dementia and elderly

  • Enabling support

  • Epilepsy

  • Home managers

  • IV medication therapy in the community

  • Learning disabilities in both adults and children

  • Mental health, including personality disorder

  • Paediatrics, including complex needs such as bi pap, PICU and NICU

  • Palliative care

  • Dementia care

  • Pre- and post-operative care

  • Renal care and dialysis

Newcross nurse and carer

Complex Care

Care within establishments is often the very best option. However, for some individuals receiving care in their own homes ensures greater independence and greatly improved quality of life. This is especially true for service users with an on-going condition or chronic illness.   

Our dedicated healthcare professionals have the expertise to help patients with a whole range of Complex Care needs. They receive ongoing training and supervision to ensure care is personalised to each individual's needs.

We offer comprehensive care for a range of complex needs including:

  • Complex care for adults, children and young people

  • 24-hour live-in care

  • Sit-in service

  • Mental health and wellbeing 

  • Learning disability support

  • Palliative care

  • Home ventilation management

  • Renal care

  • Head injury rehabilitation

  • Chemotherapy management

  • Degenerative neurological conditions

  • Spinal injury

  • Hereditary conditions

Every care package we provide is unique, and our experienced clinical lead nurses will work with you and members of our team to create the right package for you. Our specialist clinical teams located in Newcross branches across the UK can help you decide how much support you need, from full 24-hour care packages to supported living and maintaining independence.

As your needs change, we’ll update the plan accordingly, always focusing on caring for you as a person.

Carers on ferry