Our Projects

We take our work very seriously and we pride ourselves on the quality of our service. But we're also innovators by nature, and we always like to explore new technology or ways of working.



NurChat is a fortnightly chat that takes place on twitter using the hastag #NurChat.

We aim to support the healthcare community with a safe and open discussion space in which to have a conversation and debate current affairs, topics of concerns as well as specific nursing-related subjects.

It's open to everyone and we regularly welcome those who are new to twitter chats, but also completely new to twitter!

You can keep up with the #NurChat conversation here, all you need to do to join in is register with Twitter.

Casualty Commander

The Casualty Commander game draws on many aspects of an A&E department to provide the player with a challenging, fast-paced experience, but that's where any similarity with reality finishes!

The Casualty Commander game gives the player a sense of urgency and pressure, with multiple people waiting to be prioritised for treatment in a limited timescale. But that’s where any similarity to a real triage environment ends; the rest is just for fun. The aim is to keep going for as long as possible, treating everyone before they run out of time!

Follow these links to play Casualty Commander on Facebook, or download for free from the Apple App store and the Google Play store.

At Newcross, our passion for innovation supports our goal of providing first-class quality care, and our employees are essential to achieving that goal. The game itself is an extension of our desire to be at the forefront of excellence in our sector.

Our UK-wide success as a business is built on our promise: to employ the most competent, compassionate healthcare professionals, and place them with clients wherever and whenever they are needed.

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