02 March 2009

Ovens open in Kenya as we go CarbonZero

As part of our commitment to protect the environment and help tackle climate change, we have offset the carbon dioxide emissions that Newcross Healthcare creates to become a CarbonZero company.

This is the second year that we have worked with carbon management company co2balance. As part of our new two-year commitment, we are delighted to be supporting the School Energy Efficient Oven Project in Kenya.

We're helping to build a special energy-saving oven at Kingwede Secondary School. So, instead of buying bread from Mombasa 45km away for the 530 students, the new Energy Efficient Oven will reduce the need for firewood by 70% and mean that they can cook their meals and bake bread.

As well as saving carbon emissions, the project will reduce the amount of time spent collecting firewood, create employment and help prevent deforestation. To find out more go to http://c02balance.com