Peg Training – Theory Based

Clinical Course
3 hours
£30.00 or 3000 Newcross training credits

This course is designed for healthcare professionals who are working with service users who have gastrostomies. The course aims to promote the correct and safe management of gastrostomies helping to equip staff with the basic knowledge and confidence to be able to work with clients who require gastrostomy care, medication and feed via PEG.

After successful completion of course at least 3 mentored practices will be required within a clinical setting.

Course content:

  • To gain an understanding of dysphagia and why gastrostomies are sometimes required
  • Gain an understanding of P.E.G. feeding and administering medication through a PEG
  • Gain an understanding of local policy and procedure in relation to P.E.G. feeding and gastrostomy care
  • Be able to identify the range of equipment available and how it is used effectively
  • Gain an understanding of how to identify problems, including aspiration, and how to manage them
  • Identify when a medical referral is required