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Michelle Damerell

Located on the south Devon coast, Newcross Healthcare’s Plymouth branch allows Newcross Healthcare to provide the South Devon and North Cornwall region with qualified nurses, care workers and care assistants.

If you're an experienced care assistant or registered nurse, we could have a job for you. Newcross Healthcare offers the flexibility to work when you choose, with the security of a permanent job. 

You can read our Complex Care branch inspection ratings here.

Five Facts about Plymouth

  • The average lifespan of Plymouth residents is 80.6 years.
  • There are over 100 registered care homes within a 5-mile radius of Plymouth city centre.
  • GP practice data suggests that there are more cases of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and COPD in Plymouth than would be expected given the rates seen nationally.
  • The Plymouth Gin distillery which opened in 1793 is the oldest in the UK.
  • Plymouth was granted city status in 1928.

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