12 September 2011

Rose Lee takes a walk on the bright side!

RL Shine Walk use

Congratulations to Scottish Regional Operations Manager Rose Lee for successfully completing Glasgow's gruelling Shine Walk over the weekend!

Hoping to raise in excess of £580 Rose was ecstatic to have completed the walk.  Spurring her on was the pledge from Newcross Managing Director, Michelle Pattrick, to match funds pledged by Newcross employees.

Shine is Cancer Research UK's night-time walking marathon. Using light as a symbol of hope and the progress we are making in the fight against cancer.  Participants can choose to either walk 26.2 or 13.1 miles to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Research UK.   It's a unique fundraising event, where walkers can select which type of cancer they want to beat or whether they want to raise funds for Cancer Research UK's general work.

Rose completed the walk in an impressive 9 hours- walking throughout the night from 9.30pm- 6.30am!


Rose commented:

I started the walk with 2 friends but they were too tired at the 12 mile mark and so opted to do the half marathon instead. I then met another girl on her own and we did the next 13 miles together..her husband gave me a lift home as they live around the corner from me.  Only I could choose an unknown neighbour amongst 3,000 walkers!

When asked how her blisters were this morning Rose replied:


Not a single blister, thanks to 6 pairs of new socks. I changed them every 4 miles!

 RL Shine Walk medal

What a fantastic achievement for a very worthwhile cause, well done Rose!