01 June 2017

Simon Takes the Lead

Simon Smart, one of our five Clinical Trainers, and now Lead Clinical Trainer, joined Newcross last September and now delivers training across 3 regions. He visits many branches, including: Chester, Colwyn Bay, Durham, Leicester, Lincoln, Liverpool, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Peterborough, Shrewsbury and Stockport. We find out what it takes to be a Clinical Trainer. 



Simon, can you tell us why you became a Clinical Trainer?

Training as a whole was area that I sort of fell into. I had experienced courses that were delivered by external companies to my previous employer and after sitting in on one of the courses I thought to myself that I could do this, and to a much higher standard. So I worked through and self funded my teaching qualification, then started delivering a course or two for a friend who had training business. I had soon increased my teaching portfolio to deliver medical courses, Health and Safety courses and care based courses. I moved from being self employed to working as a trainer at St John Ambulance; the training that I had been delivering at St John Ambulance was more of a medical nature, however I really missed training to the care sector. So when I was given the opportunity to work for Newcross as a clinical trainer, this ticked all my boxes.

You are a very bubbly, outgoing person, what motivates you everyday?

I have many motivators in my life, which all take priority at different times, depending on what part of my role I am concentrating on at the time. My wife and children are always going to be the centre of my world and I think that goes for everyone. When I am working in the office on the training packages I develop, I do to try and make life easier for my colleagues, who I prefer to call my friends, they then become my motivator. When I am in the classroom delivering a course I really feel that I have the knowledge and resources to change the lives of many people, the ones attending my course and the ones in care homes all across the country that I will never have the pleasure to meet. There have always been reports of bad care in different areas across the country and a big motivator is knowing that I can make a change from inside the classroom, as Gandhi once said,  "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

What training do you deliver?

I deliver over 30 different courses, they include first aid courses from Paediatric care to Ambulance Aid, to Health and Safety Courses, Fire Awareness, Risk Assessments and Moving and Handling and Safeguarding of Children and Adults to name a few.   

What is your favourite training to deliver?

First Aid and Moving and Handling 

Do you ever get nervous delivering training?

I would get nervous if I wasn't confident in what I was delivering. I have always said, "you are only as good as the last course you deliver", so every course has to be the best it can be in every way. Creating such high expectations can make every course nerve-wracking.

What sets Newcross training aside from others?

At Newcross we pride ourselves on our high standards and rigorous commitment to the very best quality of care, and everything we do has the service user at heart.  This is reflected through our management, our branch staff, and all the way through to our training department and the courses we deliver. We have an amazing and passionate training team that help and support each other, together we all strive to deliver the very best training to the very best people.  

Tell us about life outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?

In the evenings when I am at home I try to spend quality time with my beautiful wife Deb, as my weekends are more often than not taken up by my children - I still double as a climbing frame for my younger two daughters Connie, aged 8 and Isabel aged 10. I also act as a failing anti-boy deterrent for my 16 year old daughter Danielle, and for my 20 year old son Bradley a confidant, friend and drinking pal. From the end of March I will be hosting Karaoke every Friday, and hopefully taking on some solo gigs!

What is your go to song on you iPod?

Somebody to love - Queen

What is the one thing people should know about you?

I'm not happy until the people around me are happy


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