03 October 2016

Staff Honoured for Long Service

Jane Kendall (left) is presented with her award by Michelle Gorringe. 

From humble beginnings twenty years ago, Newcross has grown into a network of over 50 dedicated branches across the UK...

Although much has changed over that time - with innovations in techniques and medication - one thing has remained constant. The hard work and dedication of our staff continues to underpin our ability to provide outstanding healthcare. One of the characteristics that differentiates our ever-growing team is loyalty. Indeed, many of the people that joined back in the early days still remain with us.

To recognise the contribution made by these outstanding people, the ‘Long Service and Distinction Awards’ were introduced. Awards are presented to people who have been with us for 5, 10 and even 15 years.

Co-founder and Managing Director Michelle Gorringe recently visited some of the longest established branches to thank staff and present them with their awards. Michelle, who is still a registered nurse, explained that these events are often quite emotional.

"I am very proud of how far we’ve come. It was lovely to be able to thank some of the extraordinary people who had been with us for so much of this journey."

Meeting up with Ivy Davenport was particularly poignant as Michelle had hired her personally over 15 years ago. Ivy reflected on her time with Newcross and the changes she’s seen.

I’ve been based in three different branches and seen many different faces over the years. I think it’s important to build relationships and I’d consider each of them to be friends rather than co-workers,” said Ivy.

She also commented how nursing has evolved for the better, recalling now out-dated methods such as the “Australian lift” that she is glad to have left behind! ♦

This story was originally published in the Autumn 2016 Edition of Newcross News

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