How to earn and spend WOWPoints with Perks at Work

How to earn and spend WOWPoints

All Newcross employees get exclusive access to Perks at Work, an employee perks platform that offers over 30,000 unique discounts at leading high street and online brands. Here’s how you can make best use of the platform and start earning points on purchases to get fantastic discounts. 


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What are WOWPoints?

WOWPoints are as good as cash and earned either through purchases using the Perks at Work platform or won as a reward for your hard work. 100 WOWPoints = £1. So, a 10x WOWPoints offer is like getting 10% cashback. You can redeem the WOWPoints directly into your bank account or save them up and redeem for discounts.

WOWPoints can be used for purchases or discounts from thousands of major highstreet and online retailers. They can be used online and in store. 

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How can I earn WOWPoints?

One way to earn WOWPoints is as a reward through the Newcross ‘Just a Little Thank You’ scheme. Find out more here.

Alternatively, you can earn points by making purchases directly through the Perks at Work platform, or purchasing a voucher to use on the high street. 

Instead of going to the retailer’s website directly, search for the retailer you want through Newcross Perks at Work and follow the ‘Shop Now’ link. WOWPoints will be awarded on your purchases automatically within 10 working days.

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How do I redeem WOWPoints online?

Collect WOWPoints online in 5 simple steps

1. Browse Click on the ‘Shopping Cards’ icon at the top-left of the page and browse over 75 shopping cards.

2. Choose Select the retailer(s) and enter the amount you wish to load onto the shopping card.

3. Checkout Click on the blue ‘Add’ button and then the ‘In Basket’ button to proceed.

4. Confirm Enter your delivery details, preferred shipping method and tick to use WOWPoints.

5. Done Review and place your order. Delivery will be instant for e-codes.

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How do I redeem WOWPoints in store?

In-store rewards allow you to earn WOWPoints on purchases made in-store using your credit/debit card, meaning you can earn WOWPoints for just doing your normal shopping! Once you have linked your cards, you will be eligible to earn with our selected  partners in-store. 

Typically, it will take 3-7 business days for your purchase to show as pending on your account, and up to a month for your WOWPoints to be confirmed and ready to spend.


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Which cards can I use to collect WOWPoints?

You will be able to register UK issued credit and debit cards bearing the Visa, MasterCard or Maestro symbols. In-store WOWPoints cannot be earned on transactions made through: Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay; Wallet providers including PayPal and YoYo Wallet; Retailer store cards; Cards not bearing the Visa or MasterCard/Maestro symbols.

Please note, if your card is already linked to offers in any other reward/loyalty/cashback programmes purchases made on it will not be eligible for in-store rewards. You will need to de-activate any existing programmes first in order to link your card to the ‘In-Store Reward’ programme.

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How do I link my card(s) to activate offers?

You can link your cards by going to the ‘In-Store Reward’ category page and clicking on the button 'Manage Cards'. Here you can manually add a new card to your account, and also activate existing payment cards for In-store rewards.

To activate existing cards, click the toggle button under ‘Status’ to change from Unlinked to Linked. This will turn the status green. Linking your cards activates in-store rewards for all partner retailers. Please note, it will take up to 24 hours for a payment card to be activated before you can start earning WOWPoints in-store.

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How long does it take for my WOWPoints to track and be confirmed?

Typically, it will take 3-7 business days for your transactions to be reflected as ‘Pending’ on your ‘Rewards Activity’ page. After this it can take up to an additional 30 business days for the retailer to confirm your purchase. Your WOWPoints will then be confirmed in your account and ready to be used. Please be aware this may vary per merchant.

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What happens to my WOWPoints I earn via in-store Rewards if I return a purchase?

If you make a return on a purchase for which you've earned WOWPoints, we will deduct the value of your return from your WOWPoints balance.

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Why have the WOWPoints I have earned through in-store, not appeared in my account?

Typically, it will take 3-7 business days for your transactions to be reflected as ‘Pending’ on your ‘Rewards’ activity page – and in total can take up to 35 days after the date of your purchase to be confirmed.

To collect WOWPoints in-store, you must first have registered the payment card that you used to make the purchase, up to 24 hours prior to purchase. You might not earn WOWPoints in-store if the same payment card is registered with another 'card-linked offer' programme. To avoid this, ensure that you delete or remove the card from any other 'card linked offer' programmes.

Some retailers have restrictions on what purchases are eligible for WOWPoints e.g. Purchases at Waitrose motorway service stations and petrol filling stations are not eligible. Please check retailers T&Cs.

If you can't see your WOWPoints in your account 35 days after your purchase, and your purchase meets all of the guidelines, please get in touch with our team with your receipt and we will be able to help!

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Why are the amount of WOWPoints earned not what I expected?

WOWPoints offers for in-store rewards fluctuate seasonally. Some of our offers are segmented, meaning that there are higher rewards for higher value purchases and/or different rewards depending on how often you shop with that retailer. Please check individual offers for T&Cs.

If you believe you should have been given higher value WOWPoints for your in-store purchase, please get in touch with our team with your receipt and we will be able to help!

Can I take advantage of offers online?

Generally, no. Limited retailers offer in-store rewards for online purchases by using your linked card, please check the individual retailer's T&Cs.

You can however earn WOWPoints for your purchase if you shop online through our WOWPoints offer for the retailer by clicking on the offer page’s SHOP NOW button. Participating retailers only, please check retailers' offers for full T&Cs.

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