10 December 2013

There's no business like show business for Newcross 100 club in Blackpool

Newcross is a business driven by its employees, and our 100 club plays a significant role in rewarding exceptional performance from our people, allowing them to share innovative ideas for the future development and growth of the business.

The 100 club is selected every year from the top performing staff members, from both the branch and head office teams. Looking to the future is a fundamental part of the Newcross ethos, and one of the privileges of being a member of the 100 club is having an active input into that future.

On the first day of each 100 club trip, there is a business meeting, which is a chance for the team to share best practice within Newcross and suggestions for the future. The second day of the trip is event day, which is a perfect opportunity for colleagues from across the business to build and strengthen vital team relationships. This year the group was treated to an evening of glitz at the show bar of "Funny Girls" and a day of activities at Blackpool Tower Ballroom - the set for the Strictly Come Dancing TV show.


The famous Blackpool tower

Event day in Blackpool started with the 100 club split into teams and given the task to create storyboards for their very own Newcross advert - creativity and imagination was key to success here! Themes varied significantly from fainting goats to a talent-show style 'NewXfactor' - with the use of amusing props for inspiration!

news teamsml

The news team filming their commercial break (from left to right)- Ruth Bellis- Business Centre Manager, Liverpool, Mark Nightingale -Senior IT developer, Shabnam Dooley - Trainee Business Centre Manager, Torquay, Tracy Willday - HR Director and  Susan Ford - Staff Allocation Officer, Durham

The second part of the event day was a 'Strictly Corporate Dancing' dance workshop. In pairs, the team were taken through the steps of ballroom dancing in the fabulous Blackpool Tower ballroom. Their tutors for the day were none other than some of the dancing world's leading professional dancers including Shem Jacobs and Jasmine Takacs from Strictly Come Dancing.


The majestic ballroom at Blackpool Tower

100 club collagesml

The 100 club being taken through the steps

The competition at the end of the day was the ultimate chance for the pairs to show off their waltzes, cha-cha-chas and be judged critically by the professionals. This is where competition got really tough and everyone's competitive streak shone through, in an attempt to win the prized glitter ball trophy.


The three judges in their seats

It was very close competition, but it was Mark Nightingale, Senior IT Developer, and Nicky Clarke, HR Officer, who were most impressive dancing pair with an outstanding score of 10 - 10 - 10 awarded for their wondrous waltz.

dance winners with judgessml

Winners of Strictly Corporate Dancing - Nicky Clarke, HR Officer and Mark Nightingale, Senior IT developer, receiving their trophy from the judges

The 100 club Newcross is a business built on its people, and by ensuring team relationships and communication are strong, we are able offer the very best quality of service to our clients.

100 club groupsml

The 100 club together

Chairman Stephen Pattrick commented, "What is so exciting about our 100 Club events is not just the great fun we have and the opportunity to spend time with the real movers and shakers in the business, but also the outstanding ideas and suggestions that come out of the forum event we hold. These ideas create real changes and improvements in our offering and business as a whole".