01 October 2015

Top Twitter Tips for Student Nurses Shared on #NurChat

The student nurse journey is one that requires tremendous hard word, skilful time management and complete resilience in order to complete. Becoming a qualified nurse is still the dream held by many, but the challenge of completing a combined academic and practical learning course over three years is not to be underestimated.

The value of strong support network cannot be overstated, and that’s exactly what is offered to all through the online twitter community, #NurChat. Hosted by Lead Nurses Donna Mullikin and Caroline Chamberlain of Newcross Healthcare, discussions are held every other Tuesday evening at 8pm UK time. Student and qualified nurses alike are joined by allied health professionals, medics and health professionals from a range of specialisms to share opinions, discuss current issues and offer support to those in training.

A recent #NurChat discussion, co-hosted by student nurses Megan Betts and Nathan Trevena, welcomed new student nurses from across the county with an introduction to the community and some top twitter tips for finding information and getting support:

  1. Use Twitter to keep up to date with current health issues and topics of conversation
  2. Build a network by following nurse leaders, nursing organisations and colleagues throughout the MDT across the country and even the world!
  3. Use a tool such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to follow different hashtags on relevant topics
  4. Participate in discussions and learning to help with CPD and Revalidation requirements
  5. Ask a question, include the relevant hashtag (e.g #studentnurse) and you will get a response.

As with any online networking tool, it’s important to remember to behave in the same way online as in the real world. Here are the top tips shared in the #NurChat discussion for adopting a professional approach on social media:

  1. Be as professional online as you are offline
  2. Be aware of sticking to the NMC social media guidelines in everything you do online
  3. Be positive, polite and courteous towards others
  4. Remember to listen as well as speak
  5. It’s ok to disagree, as long as it’s in a respectful and constructive way

#NurChat returns on 13th October when we’ll be asking how the online community can support learners with additional needs such as a learning difficulty or learning disability. Come along from 8pm UK time.