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Michelle Damerell

Newcross Healthcare’s Torquay branch was the first one to be opened way back in 1999 and has been providing the South Devon region with excellent quality care ever since.

The branch is based on Tor Hill Road near the town centre and is only a short walk from the train station. The Torquay branch is also home to one of our dedicated complex care at home teams.

If you're an experienced care assistant or registered nurse, we could have a job for you. Newcross Healthcare offers the flexibility to work when you choose, with the security of a permanent job. 

You can read our Complex Care branch inspection ratings here.

Five Facts about Torquay

  • Newcross Healthcare’s flagship branch was opened in Torquay in 1999.
  • In 2004 Newcross moved its headquarters from Torquay to its current location in Berry Pomeroy.
  • There are over 50 registered care homes within 5 miles of Torquay town centre.
  • The percentage of residents in Torquay rating their health as 'very good' is less than the national average.
  • Torquay has a population of over 65,000.

28 Tor Hill Road