17 August 2018

Unemployment is at its lowest in 40 years - but Newcross still only hires the best!

Newcross only hires the best

The Deputy Head of Labour Market, Matt Hughes said: "The number of vacancies is a new record high, while the unemployment rate is now at its lowest since the winter of 1974-75." According to new figures, UK unemployment has reached its lowest in forty years. 

Adult social care is a growing sector that, in 2016, had around 20,300 organisations, 40,400 care providing locations and a workforce of around 1.58 million jobs. The number of full-time equivalent jobs was estimated at 1.11 million and the number of people working in adult social care was estimated at 1.45 million.

As at 2016/17 the adult social care sector was estimated to contribute £41.8 billion per annum to the English economy. The total wage bill of the sector, calculated using NMDS-SC information, accounted for almost half (46%) of this amount, at £19.3 billion (up 16% from 2011/2012).

Newcross' own employment figures have risen accordingly, by a staggering 11.6% in the past year. While it's promising to see our workforce expanding and positions being filled, rest assured the quality of candidates that make it through to the induction stage of our recruitment process are solely those able to deliver the highest quality of care to our service users.

Every month we deliver between 150 and 200 courses to over 1,000 Nurses and Healthcare Assistants. Lead by our dedicated in-house clinical trainers and supported by a network of individually selected local partners, all Clinical Courses are developed with and endorsed by our Clinical Governance Team. Our staff have the opportunity to acquire new skills on the job.

We only hire the best of the best. Therefore, we ask all applicants to our Healthcare Assistant roles to have a minimum of three months paid work experience before applying. 

We are continually looking for Nurses and Healthcare Assistants to join our growing team in a range of full and part-time positions, within a broad spectrum of disciplines and specialities. If you're interested in joining us, search jobs on our Careers page today. 



Source: skillsforcare.org.uk