Our recruitment process: the Virtual Shift

The virtual shift

The Virtual Shift is a key part of our agile recruitment process for Nurses and Health Care Assistants (HCAs). The Virtual Shift is interactive and places applicants in a virtual care home setting to assess their knowledge, decision making skills and suitability to the role. It allows job applicants to complete our recruitment process from the comfort of their own home.

Why did we create the Virtual Shift?

The recruitment process for Nurses and Healthcare Assistants was traditionally time-consuming and cumbersome. Our Virtual Shift makes it engaging for candidates and easier for us to assess their skills and experience.

The previous process required candidates to travel to their nearest branch to attend a face to face interview, go through referencing and DBS/PVG checks, sit through a short induction followed by training DVDs and finally a paper-based knowledge test.

We worked with HCAs and Nurses, as subject matter experts and user experience testers, to produce an engaging experience that is more than just ‘e-learning’.

What happens in the Virtual shift

Candidates are presented with a range of scenarios that they would typically face in a shift while working for Newcross. They have to make decisions on the care they provide to the characters they meet, demonstrating their clinical judgement and their person-centred behaviours.

How does the Virtual Shift benefit candidates for healthcare roles?

As an agile recruitment method, candidates can complete the Virtual Shift at home. It’s an interactive, scenario-based test that is far more enjoyable to complete than traditional paper tests.

What areas does the Virtual Shift test our candidates on?

For Nurses

We can access a comprehensive report on a candidate’s responses. However, candidates are tested on the following areas:

  • Patients at risk of deterioration and sepsis

  • Documentation and reporting 

  • Clinical knowledge

  • Decision making under pressure

  • Managing falls

  • Dementia awareness

  • PEG feed

  • Diabetes

  • Diet and nutrition

  • Communication

  • End of life care

  • Administration of medicines

  • Safeguarding

  • Roles & responsibilities

  • Pressure ulcer management

For Healthcare Assistants

  • Reading and understanding care plans

  • Person centred care

  • Personal care

  • Equality & diversity

  • Communication

  • Privacy & dignity

  • Fluids & nutrition

  • Awareness of mental health

  • Dementia and learning disabilities

  • Safeguarding adults

  • Basic life support

  • Health & safety

  • Infection prevention & control

For more information on recruitment at Newcross, visit our Careers page.