Voyager Programme

Office Course

The Voyager programme takes our existing or aspiring senior managers on a journey of developing ‘Leadership Fluency’ – ensuring they have a full range of leadership approaches to draw on and use in any situation. It is aimed at those who lead and manage multiple teams or those whose role has a strategic impact on the whole organisation.

It is built on 3 core beliefs:

  1. Self awareness is a pre-requisite for self development
  2. Real life is the best classroom
  3. We need others to help us reflect and learn lessons from real life

Voyagers develop a broad and deep self awareness and use this to prioritise the range of leadership approaches they most need to practice and develop.

We use innovative and memorable settings and situations to help our senior leaders pull together their unique leadership tool kits.

We also equip our senior leaders with a range of business improvement tools to equip them for: strategic planning, problem solving, developing and coaching others, managing change, and decision making.