27 November 2012

We never close!

There are many benefits to the Newcross service, one of which is our commitment to being a truly 24 hour a day business. Our dedicated Central Support team are available around the clock taking calls and supporting members of staff.

Staff Allocation Officer Susan Ford, from our Edinburgh branch, was keen to discover more about the team. A budding journalist and writer herself, she recently visited the department in Bristol to conduct an interview with Trainee Business Centre Manager Abbie Barry and to find out how they keep Newcross open at all times of the day and night.

Central Support Team Article
Part of the Central Support team

Standing from left to right -
Natasha Bridgeman, Jake Martin, Lucy Algar.
Sitting from left to right -
Rhiannon Clark, Abbie Barry, Suzie Button

One of the best things about Newcross is that we can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is possible because of our team at Central Support, who don't just work after the branch staff leave for the day, but are there throughout the day ensuring all calls are answered and dealt with quickly. Both clients and staff members will regularly speak to our central support team, who offer the same high quality service as the local branches. I went down to Bristol one weekend to meet the team, and find out from Central Support Manager Abbie Barry how this is possible.

Central Support have to manage calls and queries from both clients and employees, however this doesn't even scratch the surface of their duties. Abbie explains exactly what her team do:

"We provide assistance and support to all of our branches. Our function is to ensure all our clients and staff members are able to contact Newcross at any point during the day.  When the local offices shut, Central Support fill all bookings effectively and quickly, as well as deal with any enquiries that may come in, no matter how challenging the topic. We also ensure that staff are called regularly to update their availability so we can fill those last minute shifts."

Not all requests are as straight forward as booking a shift or getting an update from a client, Abbie expands on this:

"We are there to support all branches during the out of hours period. This involves a high level of multi-tasking to ensure that clients from each branch are given the same excellent customer service that they would receive from their local office. A high level of communication is maintained between branches and central support to allow quick-thinking for results. This also means that the central support team can look outside the box and make confident decisions based on their knowledge of every individual branch."

One of the biggest tests for the team is ensuring that everyone who contacts Newcross receives a seamless service from both their home branch and Central Support. The team often cover up to 3,000 hours per day during the week, but weekends are the busiest period where they can fill between 5,000 and 6,000 hours. For Newcross, maintaining excellent relationships with clients and staff is imperative to our service, and these relationships form the basis for Central Support to fill the massive quantity of hours they do.

Central Support could not operate without the fantastic IT systems that Newcross has in place. Our IT department have developed a system that is user friendly to both clients and staff, and means that Central Support has access to all of the same information that we do in branch. This in turn means that staff in the central support team can see all requirements from a client's point of view, and match up the perfect staff member to fulfil the shift.  Abbie describes one of the greatest IT developments we have at Newcross:

"The smartphone app is available for both Android and iPhone and allows staff to accept shifts on the go as well as update their availability quickly.  This in turn helps the team by filling more shifts and freeing up the phone lines for clients to call us".

So the next time you have a question about Newcross or you urgently need healthcare staff or trained nurses, give Newcross a call. The Central Support team will be more than happy to help, be it early morning or in the middle of the night, one of our 20 friendly and exceptionally trained staff allocations officers will be at the end of the phone to give you the first class service you can only expect from Newcross Healthcare Solutions.