Newcross Healthcare: what we do

What we do

Helping Britain get the care service it deserves

The NHS is a national treasure. An institution we’re all proud of. But it can’t provide all the care Britain needs. That’s left to an incredible army of nurses and carers working with dedication across every part of the country. At Newcross Healthcare, we’re creating a local, national – and ultimately – global healthcare ecosystem. One that’s modern, joined up, efficient, reliable and most of all, effective. With an expanding and highly trained workforce providing the best levels of care to people, wherever they are.

Why does care need to change?

  1. Care recruitment & retention
    Carers are leaving the sector, fewer people from other countries are arriving to work in the sector and staffing levels are at a low point. Healthcare workers should be able to enjoy the emotional rewards – and the financial ones too – of joining or returning to a sector where they can make a real difference to people’s lives every day.

  2. Action not just words
    The care debate has been reduced to political soundbites about ‘building hospitals’ rather than any commitment to solving the workforce crisis and creating better public health outcomes. Our role is to democratise advancements in treatment and care and make them tangible to everyone.

  3. Technology and the future
    We see the future of the healthcare system as increasingly being in homes and other settings as well as hospitals, using preventative technology. We’re committed to technological innovation and in building partnerships to make this a reality sooner rather than later.

  4. Training methods
    We believe training for nurses and carers should be modern, practical and flexible. Offering immersive and interactive training that’s not only modern, rigorous and comprehensive – but free at the point of access.

6 ways we’re joining up care

  1. Newcross HealthForce

    The right specialist nurses and carers, giving the right standard of care in the right places at the right time. With flexible options that fit people’s needs as well as healthcare workers’ lives.

  2. Newcross YourCare

    Managing people’s specialist clinical care needs safely and in a more personal way – at their home. With 360° plans that take in every aspect of their circumstances – so they feel comfortable, respected, and cared for to the very highest standard.

  3. Newcross YourLife

    Supporting life skills so people can take pride in their own achievements. Empowering them to enjoy their independence and build the confidence to live at home and be part of their local community.

  4. Joined-Up care

    We’re working together with the NHS and social care sector to identify new and better ways to deliver care. Investing in new technology and offering greater choice to patients about where and how they receive treatment.

  5. Creating the Best

    We see ourselves as the sector’s learning partner for life, offering high quality immersive & interactive training via our mobile app and website. Learning and development that’s not only modern, rigorous, and comprehensive – but free at the point of access.

  6. HealthForceGo

    Our mobile app simply and instantly matches the country’s dedicated nurses and carers to the people who need them. Easily and in one place, clients can find the best qualified and experienced healthcare workers to fit their needs, and nurses and carers can find new opportunities for work that fits around their lives.