Newcross Healthcare: dementia care

Dementia care

We offer expert dementia care at home and provide a truly person-centred approach.

Being able to stay in their own home means that people with dementia can remain in familiar surroundings while receiving the care and support they need, which can help with the worry and confusion that dementia brings.

We employ a wide range of qualified carers, nurses, and healthcare professionals who are available to work on a one on one basis where required, offering personalised dementia care at home to those who need it most. Our nurses and care staff receive regular training in mental health care and many also specialise in caring for people with dementia.

The dementia care provided by our staff is based upon our key principles of trust, empathy, and expertise. Our aim is to help the people we care for to live a fulfilling and independent life, and we recognise that to achieve this we also need to support their friends and family. As such, we are always available to discuss any concerns you may have.

Our complex care services in England are licensed and regulated to provide dementia care by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Our nursing services elsewhere in Britain are registered and inspected by the relevant Care Inspectorates in Scotland and Wales.

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What is Dementia?

Dementia describes a set of symptoms, not a specific disease or condition. These symptoms may include memory loss and issues with problem-solving or language. Symptoms often start small but gradually worsen. Ultimately, they have an adverse effect on day-to-day life.

The symptoms defined as dementia are caused when the brain is damaged. That might be by a disease like Alzheimer’s or by a stroke or series of strokes. The specific symptoms depend on the part of the brain that’s been affected and the disease causing it. That’s why it’s so important for dementia care at home to be tailored to each individual person.

Cognitive symptoms are the most widely recognised signs of dementia. They include the following:

  • Short-term memory loss

  • Inability to concentrate

  • Language problems

  • Problems with orientation

Common changes in behaviour in those with dementia can include:

  • Frustration and irritability

  • Agitation and restlessness

  • Repetitive behaviour

  • Hiding, hoarding and losing things

What is Dementia Care?

Newcross take a holistic view of dementia care. We believe that dementia care is more than just helping an individual cope with their symptoms and also focus on ensuring that the individual has a great quality of life.

Our nurses and carers empathise with each individual and will work to their personalised dementia care plan, with each care plan being routinely assessed and adapted as symptoms develop.

Our dementia care at home plans can include:

  • Medication – Staff who are trained to administer and support with medicines can remind people to remember to take their medication or administer it themselves

  • Personal care – Assistance washing, dressing or using the toilet whilst always keeping the dignity of the individual in mind

  • Household chores – Doing the laundry, tidying up and completing other household chores

  • Meal preparation – Dementia sufferers often fail to eat properly. Our staff can prepare meals and ensure clients eat healthily.

  • Independence and hobbies – Taking a proactive approach to ensure that service users get out to see friends and participate in hobbies or visit events

Our highly trained staff are contactable 24/7 so you can be confident that help is always available.

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