Newcross Healthcare: challenging behaviour

Challenging behaviour

Challenging behaviours are behaviours which can have an impact on the physical safety of an individual or those around them.

They can also result in a poor quality of life and create barriers to receiving necessary medical care or taking part in social activities.

Each individual is different. For some, challenging behaviours may be ongoing, whereas in others they may be triggered by certain events or environmental factors. As such, any additional care which is needed for those exhibiting such behaviours should be tailored to the specific needs of the service user.

At Newcross Healthcare, we offer a range of bespoke care packages to suit the individual needs of those with challenging behaviours, with each one being managed by our talented nurses and care staff. The challenging behaviours support provided to both service users and those close to them is based on our key principles of trust, empathy, and expertise. If you or a loved one needs care support for challenging behaviours, an easy first step is to contact us today.

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What are Challenging Behaviours?

Challenging behaviours can include anything that makes it difficult for someone to engage in everyday activities safely. Common examples of challenging behaviours are:

  • Self-harm

  • Aggression

  • Disruptiveness

  • Destructiveness

Personalised Care Packages

Challenging behaviours can be significant for everyone involved - from the individual themselves to their family and friends. At Newcross Healthcare, we strive to deliver the best support possible. We achieve this thanks to our caring, professional, skilled staff and through offering bespoke solutions centred on the needs of the service user.

The starting point for a challenging behaviour personalised care package is an initial discussion between the individual, their family (where relevant), and a Newcross care professional. The information shared in this meeting will form the basis of the care plan which will then guide those who deliver the required support.

24-Hour Care Support

Our team’s expertise in handling challenging behaviours is vitally important when providing 24-hour support. Due to the highly personalised nature of this type of assistance, a caregiver can quickly get to know someone, including what factors might trigger their challenging behaviour.

This type of support might be appropriate for scenarios where the primary caregiver is vulnerable themselves or is unable to respond to certain types of behaviour. Such support offered by a qualified nurse or carer can be invaluable in this situation. Contact us to find out more about this service.

Funding Options for Challenging Behaviours

If you’re looking for funding options for challenging behaviours, you may be eligible to receive assistance under the NHS Continuing HealthCare scheme, or CHC. This scheme is available for adults and a different continuing care package is available for children and young adults.

The CHC scheme is available to those with long-term mental and physical care needs and can be used to provide a range of support types, from complex medical needs through to assistance with daily tasks. At Newcross, our team are knowledgeable in CHC funding and can provide advice on the process should you require guidance.

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