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Overnight Care

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Caring for people is not a nine to five job. Our highly trained staff meet the healthcare needs of the people we work with and care for seven days a week. While our staff are most needed during the daylight hours, they are often asked to provide overnight care support for service users.

An elderly or unwell person living alone may not feel comfortable being on their own overnight. They may need help changing position in bed, support with taking medicine or a hand with toilet breaks. To deal with this need we provide overnight care catered to the needs of the individual we are supporting.

Our nurses, healthcare assistants, and support workers receive regular, professional training. They are carefully selected through a rigorous interview process. The overnight care provided by our staff is based upon our key principles of trust, empathy, and expertise. The support our care assistants offer provide peace of mind both to the person we are supporting and their loved ones.

Through the provision of overnight care, the service users we work with are able to relax in the comfort of their own home. Without this support, they may have to suffer the upheaval and upset of moving to a residential care home or spend additional time in a hospital ward.

At Newcross, we understand the importance of our clients staying where they feel most comfortable. We always strive to help the people we work with have as fulfilling a life as possible and to retain as much independence as they can. Arranging for overnight care can seem daunting. We try to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

What Does Overnight Care Offer?

Having skilled care assistants on hand overnight is crucial in many circumstances. Individuals may need support in the night when recuperating from an illness. Complex medical conditions often also require night time medication management.

Elderly individuals can struggle on their own at night. If they have mobility issues, an unaided nighttime trip to the toilet can be quite dangerous. The chance of a trip or fall is much higher and may not be noticed for a number of hours.

Night time is a difficult period for many dementia sufferers. They may wake in a state of confusion or be unable to remember where they are. The early hours are also a time when many sufferers are prone to wandering.

Having a highly trained member of the Newcross staff available for overnight care is critical in those circumstances. It means that clients are supported and kept safe at all times. It ensures that all of their complex care needs are met as and when required. It also gives families peace of mind and the chance for a good night’s sleep.

There are a wide array of different elements to overnight care. Our nurses, healthcare assistants, and support workers can provide any or all of the following:

  • Medication Support – Providing or administering medication through the night if required.
  • Toilet Visits – Helping an elderly or vulnerable individual to use the toilet.
  • Company & Comfort – Dementia sufferers or other vulnerable people may feel afraid or unable to spend the night alone.
  • Supervision & Support – Helping and protecting an individual with dementia or similar symptoms. If they wake alone.
  • Changing Sleeping Position – Helping with changing position in bed. This is crucial for those recovering from an operation or a serious injury.
  • Catering for Complex Care Needs – We have staff who specialise in the treatment of many different complex conditions. 


How Much Does Overnight Care Cost?

There are two common types of overnight care. Most service users require either sleeping night care, or waking night care. Waking night care is recommended for service users who need close supervision. A nurse or care assistant who needs to stay awake at night will normally stay in a room adjacent to your loved one but can stay in the service users if required.

A sleeping night care assistant offers a similar service to a waking night carer. They can help with the administration of medicine, help with toilet visits or any other type of support as required. This service is recommended for service users who need support at night, but not close supervision.

A waking night care assistantA more expensive than a sleeping night carer. The price for the care will vary depending upon the needs of the service user and the number of hours required of the carer. If you need a carer to help with bedtime and morning routines you may require between 10-12 hours of care.

Overnight Care From Newcross

At Newcross, we offer a bespoke approach to care in the home. Every step of the way we strive to provide the best care to the people we work with. The overnight care we offer is tailored to each individual’s needs and concerns.

The starting point for an overnight care plan is an initial discussion with you or a loved one. This is done through a friendly Newcross clinical nurse assessor who will discuss your needs or that of a loved one. This initial discussion will form the basis of the overnight care plan. This information is provided to our highly trained care assistants who will deliver the support the service user requires.

Our staff work on a shift pattern to ensure that the people we work with are provided with the best care. We regularly assess and review the support we offer to the service user to ensure that it is the best it can be. If you or a loved one’s condition worsens or changes, new elements can be introduced to their overnight care.

We only employ care assistants with genuine compassion and desire to provide the highest standard of care. This is the foundation of our work. We’re licensed and regulated in England by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). In Scotland, our branches are registered with the Care Inspectorate. For overnight care in Wales, we’re regulated by the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW).

Our over 60 branches throughout the country receive good or outstanding ratings from the regulatory bodies. That’s the Newcross difference. It’s why in a recent survey nine out of ten of our staff said they’d recommended Newcross to care for their own loved ones.

To find out more about our overnight care packages, contact your local branch office. Our friendly staff are here to support you when you need help. You can contact us directly through the website to start a discussion about your overnight care needs.  

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