09 November 2018

Flexi Pay White Paper

white paper

Newcross Healthcare is changing lives with our new HealthForceGo® app feature, Flexi Pay. Flexi Pay allows over 7500 healthcare staff to receive an advance of up to 50% of money earned during completed shifts, if they so wish.

As Britain’s largest payday lender, Wonga, entered administration in August this year, the question arises: What viable options are there to replace it? We've implemented a tool within our healthcare app which allows for a mass-scale advancement of pay on the subsequent payslips of HealthForceGo® users. Up to 50% of pay from a signed-off, completed shift can be accessed.

Between 14th May 2018 and 28th September 2018, 20,638 separate Flexi Pay requests were made and £1,209,792.80 paid out in total.




The Flexi Pay White Paper is also available here. 

To find our healthcare app, search HealthForceGo® in the Apple and Google Play Stores.