The responsibilities of a support worker

The responsibilities of a support worker

A support worker has plenty of responsibilities which leads to a varied and rewarding role. Here, we share some of the responsibilities of a support worker and what to expect should you choose this career path.

What is the role of a support worker?

The role of a support worker is to ensure that those in their care are able to live their lives as independently as possible. They will offer both physical and emotional support in whichever areas each individual needs. This will differ by service user as every one is unique and will have different tasks or areas of their life that they require help with.

A support worker’s role can see them working across a number of settings, such as care homes and in individuals’ homes. It’s a highly rewarding role and involves working to support those with physical disabilities and mental health needs to help them to reach their full potential and live their best life.

What are the duties of a support worker?

The main duty of a support worker is to provide support to service users and their loved ones. This includes a whole range of different responsibilities and means that no two days will be the same. For example, a support worker might offer assistance with housework and personal care, but they can also support with managing finances, organising calendars, meal prepping, and shopping – among other things.

Support workers also have duties around the social lives of those in their care. They can assist with new skills and hobbies that service users would like to try, and should encourage them to integrate into their communities through joining groups and attending social events. Organising outings is another duty of support workers and these should be fun and engaging for both the support worker and the individual they’re caring for. Outings like this are beneficial for a number of reasons, one of the most important being that they help to form strong bonds and trusting relationships.

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