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13 April 2018

How does loneliness impact your life?

The sad global phenomenon that is loneliness is one that many feel will never pass. It has been proven to impact your mortality rate by nearly 26%! With loneliness prevalent among the older generation, there are almost three quarters of elderly people in the UK failing to tell anyone about how isolated they’re feeling. We take a look at the signs of loneliness and what you can do to prevent it.
05 April 2018

Stressed Much?

Having been recognised in the healthcare world as Stress Awareness Month for the past sixteen years, April is when health professionals unite, in raising awareness about stress and its many causes. The healthcare sector is notoriously demanding, both physically and emotionally.
04 April 2018

Not documented? Not done.

There is a lot of information about good documentation in nursing. Whilst it is often related to the legal importance of accurate record keeping, it is essential to remember that documentation is also a good way of communicating with your colleagues.

Newcross News

16 April 2018

From HCA to Branch Manager, meet Zoe

As Helen is heading off on maternity leave, we’d like you to join us in welcoming our new Eastbourne Business Centre Manager, Zoe Miah.  Zoe brings with her, a wealth of valuable knowledge, as well as practical experience of working in the healthcare industry.
13 April 2018

CEO makes surprise call to Newcross Healthcare hero

The best healthcare professionals are resilient people but some are simply, well... 'extra special'. As blizzards swept across the UK, one Newcross Healthcare Assistant ('HCA') proved that she wouldn't let anything stop her from getting to her shift.     
13 April 2018

HealthForceGo Takes Scotland by Storm

After a very successful pilot in the East of England last October, the latest innovation from Newcross Healthcare was also made available to Scottish branches earlier this spring. Thanks to our useful new app, HealthForceGo, Newcross nurses and healthcare staff now have the opportunity to go paperless, organising their work life exclusively from their smartphones.