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08 February 2018

Have you got the minerals?

With the shocking revelation that 70% of adults aged 19-64 in the UK are failing to meet the 5-a-day recommendation of fruit and veg, we have produced our easy guide to keep up with our green fingered friends to stay fit as a fiddle.
06 February 2018

Incredible women leaving their mark on history

With 79% of our employees female and a majority female board, it is hard to imagine a society where women were not equals. But today marks 100 years since women were given the right to vote. To mark this impressive achievement we are taking a look at two women who well and truly left their mark on healthcare history.
30 January 2018

How close are we to an antibiotics armageddon?

The news is currently filled with dire warnings over the emergence of antibiotic-resistant diseases and the potential doomsday scenario of the world sliding towards a post-antibiotic era. We take a look at what the reality is and put your fears to rest.

Newcross News

09 February 2018

Transforming clinical support with technology

We are excited to announce that we will be testing the use of video conferencing with from the 12th February. This will enable our Clinical Nurse Advisor Teams to speak face-to-face with our employees for reflective discussions, revalidation and medicines competency discussions.
09 February 2018

MAPA training taking our branches by storm

We are pleased to announce our Clinical Trainer Helen McCabe has been delivering MAPA training across the Midlands, a training course that teaches intervention techniques to cope with escalating behaviour.