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21 May 2018

Beat the heat!

The heat of the sunshine is welcomed by most of us after a hard winter, however high temperatures can be harmful to your health. As we approach the hottest days of the summer as healthcare professionals we need to be aware of those most affected by the heat. 
15 May 2018

First Aid Skills: Choking

Choking is alarming and life-threatening. Would you know what to do?

If you've ever found yourself choking or seen someone else experiencing it, you'll know it's extremely alarming. Acting swiftly and effectively is essential because this is a potentially life-threatening problem.
14 May 2018

Remember 'Mother Seacole'

Today, on the anniversary of her death, we remember the brave work she carried out at the front line of the Crimean War. In recent years she has been compared to Florence Nightingale, with few people knowing how far she actually went. It can be argued that she went a step further than Nightingale, by riding on horseback into the battlefields!

Newcross News

23 May 2018

Newcross recognise internal talent

Working for Newcross Healthcare isn’t just a job, it’s a passion!. We’re delighted to announce the internal promotions for three talented and passionate members of our Senior Leadership Team. These important new roles are essential to Newcross as we embark on exciting new paths of growth throughout the UK.
10 May 2018

Are you our next Newcross Associate Trainer?

As one of the UK's leading providers of specialist clinical training. We are excited to announce that we are expanding our training team to include Newcross Associate Trainers. If you are a Newcross employee we want to know if this could be the role for you?
04 May 2018

Our 100 Club find out what the craic is in Dublin!

Every year we celebrate our top performing office employees by inviting them to join our prestigious 100 Club. On the 22nd to the 23rd of March we took to the sky and flew our exceptional 100 Club winners to the vibrant city of Dublin.