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The Voices of Care podcast, hosted by Suhail Mirza, seeks to tackle the issues facing the health and social care systems. From workforce crises to the impact of COVID, each episode focuses on a different topic, featuring guests with a wealth of experience in the care sector 

Looking ahead at the future of care

Newcross Healthcare presents Voices of Care, a podcast series hosted by healthcare market expert M. Suhail Mirza to discuss the issues, challenges & opportunities facing health & social care in the UK today.

On our Voices of Care podcast, we are delighted to welcome wisdom and insight from leaders in NHS, private healthcare and from across social care, including Sir David Nicholson, Dr Jane Townson, Professor Martin Green, Roisin Fallon-Williams and many more.

​Among other things, we’ll be debating how we can enable the workforce of the future through focuses on wellness, inclusion, retention, recruitment, and technology.

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Meet our host, Suhail Mirza

Suhail says: “I have never seen the healthcare system under so much transformation, but our Voices of Care podcast is an opportunity to listen, understand and help shape the future of care for all of us.

Join me, and a lineup of leaders and luminaries from across health and social care, as we debate how we can enable the workforce of the future and truly deliver the care service that Britain deserves.”

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