About us

Since 1996, Newcross Healthcare has been working with carers and clients at a grassroots level. We started off on the phone, manually matching the right carer with the right client.

We believe it’s those personal connections that ensure care applies just as much to emotional needs as it does to physical needs. Outstanding care is present and person-focused, qualities which enable a quick, comprehensive assessment of the patient’s requirements.

The future of care will be driven by technology, but never forget the human experience. Better outcomes for the patients who receive care must always be the ultimate objective.

We’re building something to serve people like never before, while treating caregivers with the utmost respect. We carefully select our healthcare workers and employ them on a permanent basis. All our healthcare staff have guaranteed minimum hours. 

Together with our ongoing investment in Clinical Governance, technology, and staff development, we will always enable the highest standards of practice and nurture a unique culture of trust and empathy. That’s how we believe we can help Britain get the care service it deserves.

Our Purpose – To transform and personalise the experience of care, by creating a local, national and global healthcare ecosystem.

Our Vision – To be the world’s leading healthcare worker resource platform and the UK’s largest provider of complex care at home.

Our Goals – To create the best trained workforce – We see ourselves as the sector’s learning partner for life, offering high quality, immersive and interactive training that presents continuous professional development opportunities. We are proud that our rigorous and comprehensive training program is free at the point of access via our mobile app and website.

  • Access to 400 free courses at the touch of a button
  • Tap into learning and career pathways with targeted skills training
  • Align training to career development goals and to keep pace with industry changes

To democratise advancements in treatment and care at home

We offer hospital-level treatment at home and other settings, allowing patients to get clinical treatment and care often found in outpatient clinics in much more familiar surroundings. This takes the strain off hospitals and improves the emotional well-being of patients as they recover amongst family and friends.

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