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Case Study: Oliver

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Case Study: Oliver


5-year old Oliver was a very high-risk client due to compromised breathing. He was admitted to hospital for a tracheostomy and, although this made his airway more stable, it also increased his care needs which caused his parents anxiety.

Oliver’s parents didn’t believe that he would be safe with the commissioned package and refused to take him home unless this was increased. Due to the length of Oliver’s hospital stay, the care team had moved on, so a new team was built. The carers shadowed in the hospital and arrangements were made for them to have a hands-on approach under the supervision of nurses.

As carers were signed off as competent in the areas of training required, we arranged for Oliver’s hospital bed to be kept available while we carried out a phased return home. He stayed at home for one night during the first week, two nights for the second week, and so on.

Our remote system allowed us to monitor tasks completed immediately after the shift took place, which provided us with real time data to monitor. By adopting this phased approach, Oliver’s parents were able to gain confidence over time.