A guide to the NMC Register

As a nurse or midwife in the UK, or a nursing associate in England, you will need to join the NMC register. Here, we look at what the register is, how to join, and what you can access through NMC online.

What is the NMC register?

The NMC register is a register of all individuals who can practice as a nurse or midwife in the UK, plus nursing associates in England. Maintained by the Nursing & Midwifery Council, those who join the register are expected to act in line with the Code. The Code outlines the professional standards that nurses, midwives, and nursing associates must uphold and is structured around four key themes:

  • Prioritise people
  • Practise effectively
  • Preserve safety
  • Promote professionalism and trust

Joining the register

The way you join the NMC register depends on whether you’re joining as a nurse, midwife, or nursing associate, and where you trained. For nurses and midwives, there are different guides available for if you trained in the UK, outside of the UK, made an EU/EEA application before 1st January 2021, or are making a Swiss application.

For associate nursing registrations, there are guides for those who trained in England, outside of England, or started an EU/EEA application prior to January 1st 2021.

What is NMC online?

NMC online enables you to easily manage your registration. This secure service can be used to update your details, pay your fee or manage your direct debit, view your NMC registration status, and renew your registration.

Nurse revalidation

Nurse revalidation is the process that nurses and midwives in the UK and nursing associates in England need to follow every three years to maintain their NMC registration. Revalidation is in place to encourage you to reflect on your practice and to ensure that people have confidence in the nurses and midwives that care for them.

Revalidation requirements include:

• 450 practice hours, or 900 hours if renewing two registrations (for example, as both a nurse and midwife)

• 35 hours of CPD including 20 hours of participatory learning

• Five pieces of practice-related feedback

• Five written reflective accounts

• Reflective discussion

• Health and character declaration

• Professional indemnity arrangement

• Confirmation

As a member of the Newcross community, our Clinical Governance Team will support you with your reflective discussion and preparing your evidence to ensure that you have everything required for your nurse revalidation. The team can also undertake confirmation for you.

We hope that this guide to the NMC register has provided you with the information you need. You can find out more over on the NMC website.

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