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Newcross World

Interactive training that's easy to access

Newcross World is the UK’s first healthcare training app featuring simulated working

Newcross World is the UK’s first healthcare training app featuring simulated working
Environments. It offers a new way for nurses and carers to take control of your professional development and is accessible to Newcross Healthcare employees anytime, anywhere, using a smart device or PC. You can access up to 50% more work by completing modular training units and unlocking new care environments.

Free Clinical Courses

Enjoy unlimited access to Newcross Healthcare’s library of over 120 free clinical courses. The Newcross University houses the complete range of CV-enhancing webinars and eLearning courses, including highly specialised topics such as tracheostomy care and PEG feeding.

Virtual Shifts

Virtual Shift courses use computer gaming technology to provide immersive, interactive simulations that train you to better meet an individual’s physical, clinical and emotional needs. Demonstrate your care skills and behaviours by taking part in realistic scenarios online. Interact with our family of unique characters and make decisions about their care in order to unlock additional environments and new situations. You’ll receive in-depth feedback on your performance, so you’ll know what your strengths are and can pinpoint areas to focus on.

Interactive Map

Swipe or click and drag to explore our colourful Newcross World map. It features a range of virtual care settings including care homes, prisons, hospitals, schools and care in the home.

Self-service alerts

Skills such as Basic Life Support and Moving & Handling are mandatory requirements to work safely and effectively as a caregiver. Alerts notify you when your skills are due to expire – so you can continue working without interruption. This means that both you and those who you work with can be confident that your skills are current and up to date.

Newcross World is there is help your to develop and grow your career as a healthcare worker, and with so many opportunities available you're sure to find courses and training options that will help you on your chosen career path.