BCM Romford

Your Business Centre Manager is:

Sarah Cottrell

Newcross Healthcare’s Romford branch opened in 2016 and was our 46th branch launch.

Based in Romford town centre on Atlanta Boulevard it is just a short distance from the train station and is ideally suited to provide quality care services throughout the East London and Essex regions.

If you're an experienced care assistant or registered nurse, we could have a job for you. Newcross Healthcare offers the flexibility to work when you choose, with the security of a permanent job. 

Five Facts about Romford

  • There are 50 registered care homes within 5 miles of Romford town centre.
  • Romford became a part of Greater London in 1965.
  • The town was originally located south of its current position. It was moved in the medieval period due to regular flooding.
  • Romford had its own airport in the 1930s. Today the site is a golf course.
  • The population of Romford is over 95,000

1st and 2nd Floors
8 Atlanta Boulevard
South Street