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End of life

Client focused care

We support people who return home from the hospital to ensure their final days are spent in a comfortable and dignified way.

Most of us would like to spend our final days and weeks in peace, dignity and comfortable surroundings. During these final days, we inevitably want to be surrounded by our family and close friends To reduce the stress of unfamiliar surroundings such as a care home, hospice or hospital.

We can support people to return home from the hospital to enable the last days to be spent with home comforts and in the company of those closest to you.

Our teams are able to support the arrangement of bespoke end of life care packages. To find out more, call today to discuss your options or set up a meeting with one of our lead nurses.

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What is end of life care?

The term ‘end of life’ usually refers to the last year of life, although it may be for a significantly shorter time.

End of life care is more than the practical delivery of care provided to the person who is dying and includes support for the people who are important to them; families and friends.

Palliative care is a term often used interchangeably with end of life care, palliative care largely relates to symptom management, rather than the actual end of life care.

Our professional nurses and care staff offer support with various aspects of care:

  • Respite breaks, emotional support

  • Overnight care and support

  • Health care, including administering medication or changing catheters

  • Personal care, such as toileting, bathing, washing and dressing

  • Support with mobility and position changes.

Personalised care packages

When providing an end of life care service our nurses and care staff recognise the importance of providing the best possible care. For instance, some people would rather do certain tasks by themselves, or have a family member carry them out. Our priority is respecting independence, privacy and dignity. to achieve this, our teams will work with you and your family to ensure that the care provided meets and respects individual needs and wishes.

One of the most important aspects of the care we provide is compassion, understanding and emotional support. Our nurse led care teams appreciate the emotional challenge of end of life care. As such, our staff are uniquely able to provide personal support, comfort, and reassurance at what is naturally a very difficult time.

Expert clinical care

Of course, for some people, more complex care may be required as part of end of life care. This might include carrying out procedures such as tracheostomy care or suction or managing feeding regimes (eg gastrostomy feeds). Our nurse-led teams will arrange this care from start to finish.

Our team of professional care staff are highly skilled in providing care and support for a variety of health needs.

End of life care options

Different options are available for end of life care, our bespoke packages provide people with the option of remaining in or returning to their own home for care at the end of life.

When you call Newcross, we will talk you through the care and support we offer. If you prefer, a face-to-face meeting can be arranged with one of our managers or lead nurses, to talk through what is available in more depth. The main types of end of end of life care include:

Overnight care

At Newcross Healthcare we can offer overnight care as part of our end of life care packages. This support can include help with medicines management, personal care, positioning and mobility, or company to provide respite to family members and allow the primary caregiver to get some rest.

Overnight care can take the form of either waking or sleeping support. Depending on your specific needs, this means that our staff member can provide support when needed throughout the night, or simply provide the assurance that someone is on hand if assistance is needed.

Scheduled visits

Scheduled visits can be arranged based on the particular needs of the individual. This option allows professional care to be provided in a manner that provides more privacy for the person and their family. All of our nurses and care staff are able to provide the highest standard of professional care in a way that is respectful of the dignity and personal space of individuals and families.

After first contact, our expert team of managers, lead nurses and healthcare staff will work rapidly to offer the support that’s needed during the last days. In some circumstances, this can even be organised within one day.

Funding options for end of life care

Depending on individual circumstances, funding may be available from the NHS under the Continuing Healthcare Scheme, or CHC.

CHC is available to those with a wide range of physical and mental care needs At Newcross, our team are well-versed in CHC funding and can support applications to CHC where this is required.

End of life care support packages

Thanks to our skilled nurses and healthcare staff we are able to support a wide range of people who need end of life support. support starts with an appointment arranged with one of our lead nurses.

As an organisation, we’re registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

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