Nurse revalidation

Every three years, nurses in the UK are required to complete revalidation in order to maintain their registration with the NMC. During this process, you will need to show you are living by the Code’s standards of practice and behaviour and this will enable you to continually develop and reflect on the way that you work.

Nurse revalidation is centred around promoting good practice for nurses and midwives while ensuring that the general public feel confident in the work carried out by those working in these professions. The process is not in place to question how fit you are to practice, but to encourage sharing, reflection, and improvement by those in these very important professions.

In addition to helping you to continuously improve and develop throughout your career, completing your nurse revalidation will benefit those that you care for too.

Our Clinical Governance Team can support you with your reflective discussion and preparing your evidence to ensure that you have everything required for your nurse revalidation. The team can also undertake confirmation for you.

What do you need for nurse revalidation?

  • 450 practice hours, or 900 if renewing as both a nurse and midwife

  • 35 hours of CPD including 20 hours of participatory learning

  • Five pieces of practice-related feedback

  • Five written reflective accounts

  • Reflective discussion

  • Health and character declaration

  • Professional indemnity arrangement

  • Confirmation

Under the leadership of Juliette Millard RN, MSc, our Head of Clinical Governance and NICE Fellow, our Clinical Governance Team are available for help and advice 7 days a week, from 8.30am to 6.30pm, on 0117 911 9677. Clinical nurses are also available on-call outwith these hours.

It is our excellent Clinical Governance team who underpin the work that we do to in order to foster the highest standards in healthcare. In addition to supporting you with your nurse revalidation, our Clinical Governance team oversee quality assurance, support with clinical complaints and incidents, and work on the ongoing development of best practice.

If you want to get in touch at any time to discuss your nurse revalidation, please call your branch and ask.

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