Children’s services 

Our team of qualified and compassionate healthcare professionals provide the physical and emotional care that children need to develop and flourish.

Do you need healthcare workers with experience in delivering exceptional care to children? See how our children’s services can help you.

Partner with us for swift shift coverage and continuity of care.

Why choose Newcross?

Safe & compliant

We work with all governing bodies to ensure we align our standards with the regulatory authorities standards. Our experienced workforce have excellent safeguarding training and support children across the country.

Staff continuity

Consistent staff members provide a familiar and trustworthy presence for children. Children thrive in environments that offer emotional stability. Rebook healthcare professionals instantly using our innovative app.

Professional & nurturing

Our experienced caregivers have an innate understanding of each child’s needs. This helps create a safe and loving environment with open communication and patience for growth and well-being.

Fast and flexible care staffing

Experience is key in working with children, shaping a safe and nurturing environment for their optimal growth. Our professional workforce have the skills, qualities, and training required to achieve this.

Children’s settings we work in:

  • Residential homes
  • Nurseries, schools & colleges
  • SEN schools
  • Day services
  • Respite services
  • Youth justice
  • Therapeutic services
  • Secure services
  • Specialist services

We make delivering care easy for you

Transparency & trust

View transparent staff profiles, including compliance information, and choose the right people for your children’s services setting.

Fill shifts effortlessly

Ensure uninterrupted care in children’s services by effortlessly filling staffing gaps with our app. Rebook your favourite staff for consistency.

The right skills

Find healthcare professionals with the specific experience you need, including children’s mental health, and challenging behaviour.

Loved by healthcare professionals, trusted by our clients

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