Specialist services

In the demanding field of specialist services, our highly skilled staff deliver proficient care and compassionate support. Through focusing on flexibility, we deliver exceptional patient experiences.

GP services | Clinics | Private hospitals | Rehab facilities | Secure units

Private hospitals need a staffing partner who can adapt to their needs at speed. Find out how we can help you with staffing challenges today.

Partner with us for swift shift coverage and continuity of care.

Why choose Newcross?

Nationwide network

Specialised healthcare roles that meet your needs, ranging from nurse practitioners, rehabilitation support workers and theatre staff

Specialist care expertise

We understand the unique needs of specialist care. Our dedicated team tailors’ solutions to match you with highly skilled professionals, ensuring exceptional care for your residents.

Fully regulated and compliant

Our compliance standards are rigorously monitored by our internal auditing team, ensuring that our professionals meet all regulatory requirements, ensuring a reliable healthcare partnership.

Fast and flexible care staffing

Our comprehensive staffing solutions cater to a wide range of specialist environments, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your facility: 

  • GP services: Staff your practice with qualified professionals, from nurses to HCAs 
  • Clinics: Find the right specialists for your clinic, whether it’s paediatrics, cardiology, or any other specialty. 
  • Private hospitals: Access a pool of highly skilled professionals to deliver exceptional care in your private hospital setting. 
  • Rehabilitation facilities: Source qualified therapists and support staff to aid patient recovery in your rehab facility. 
  • Secure units: We provide specialised staff trained to support patients in secure healthcare environments. 

We make delivering care easy for you

Direct bookings to staff continuity

Direct booking offers clients efficiency, convenience, flexibility, and control over their schedules, fostering trust and continuity of care.

Mandatory trained staff

Count on our internal training experts for swift specialisation. Notify us via our app for staff with specific proficiencies like basic observations, safeguarding and basic life support.

Seamless bookings and care

Our client booking platform provides a convenient, real-time booking process, access to resources, reminders, and notifications for specialist healthcare professionals to meet your service needs.
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