COVID-19 and protecting care homes

Protecting care homes during Covid

Newcross’ understands the challenges that care homes are facing to keep their staff and residents safe at this time. We’ve set up a dynamic approach to support our clients. Firstly, we can conduct COVID-19 testing of internal teams and residents. Also, we’ve rolled out two high-tech measures to offer clients confidence when making flexible staff bookings with us. You can now book staff who have received a recent negative COVID-19 test result. Additionally, you can make block bookings with your favourite staff members, to limit the number of people entering the premises.

Supporting COVID-19 testing within care homes

To support healthcare providers at this time, we have assembled a specialist COVID-19 Workforce Testing Team. Our team of highly-trained nurses support you by conducting safe and accurate staff testing using government-authorised testing kits.

A clearly defined testing process ensures that tests are in line with the government’s guidelines. Following this, will also consult you on the best way to mitigate the risk of cases within the home.

Our COVID-19 testing service provides our clients with a cheap, convenient and safe way to test their entire workforce and residents in a timely way, enabling them to carry out regular testing schedules.

If you’re looking for a safe and accurate way to rest your workforce and residents, contact us today.

Latest COVID-19 test results now available on staff profiles

Our clients can now book staff who have confirmed that they have received a negative result from a government-authorised COVID-19 test.

We recommend that staff test themselves every 7 days, even if they are symptomless.

Staff can update us via the app as soon as we recieve the test results. If they have the results of an COVID-19 test, we can also record those.

Any member of staff who tests positive will isolate and their availability will be removed from our system until they are fit to return to work.

Secure shifts with your preferred staff using the ‘Re-book’ feature

It’s now easier than ever to secure bookings with your favourite staff.

We’ve updated the ‘Re-book’ feature within the HealthForceGo® app for. This helps clients wishing to limit the numbers of staff entering their ‘bubbles’ while COVID-19 continues.

The ‘Re-book’ feature is easy to use. Clients can make more bookings when authorising a staff member’s timesheet at the end of a shift.

A temporary staffing provider with an innovative edge

At Newcross, we’re a temporary staffing provider with a difference. We invest heavily in our own bespoke tech. It has enabled us to provide effective solutions for our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to our app, HealthForceGo, we have detailed staff profiles for every member of our 9,500-strong workforce. These features follow a host of recent innovations within our business and offering for clients, such as our comprehensive track and trace system, instant client bookings and specialist COVID-19 training for all staff.

“We are confident that these features will offer our clients peace of mind during these challenging times. We understand the complexities of the situation – on one hand, healthcare providers are short staffed, and this has been worsened by COVID-19 due to illness. On the other hand, providers have concerns over the usage of temporary staff, believing them to be a cause of the virus’ spread.

Our clients can book staff, with exclusivity to their preferred staff members, safe in the knowledge that they have tested negative using a government-issued COVID-19 test. We will continue to think ahead and use our bespoke tech to ensure the safety of our clients and their service users.”

Stephen Pattrick, CEO and Co-founder

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