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Working together to make care better

Our health service is the envy of the world. Why not our care service? Read our views on the healthcare sector and how we’re doing all we can to help Britain get the care service it deserves.


Learning Technologies Exhibition 2022

At the beginning of the month, the Learning Technologies Exhibition, the world’s leading conference dedicated to technology-supported learning in the workplace, was held in London with the theme of...

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Our commitment to the real Living Wage

At Newcross Healthcare, all healthcare workers, regardless of location, are paid more than the London Living Wage and we are pleased to share that we are now an accredited Living Wage Employe...

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Ground control to Major Tom

Newcross enters the space raceWe are part of a global healthcare ecosystem, but what about being part of an intergalactic healthcare ecosystem?Newcross is excited to announce that we are taking par...

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Inner Wellness Blog

Newcross wellness webinars with Suhail Mirza

Wellness as a key to thriving in a tumultuous world Suhail Mirza outlines how the above is impacting the world of work and healthcare and what to expect from the webinars due to commence this week....

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International Women's Day - Break the Bias

​To celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked Michelle, Juliette and Alix some questions about this important day and what it means to them. Michelle Gorringe RN - Chief Operating OfficerWhat d...

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Prepare Severe Weather

​Prepare! Don't let severe weather take you by surprise

Severe weather can have a major impact on getting to work, and being prepared for this means that you can stay safe and continue to provide excellent care. Here, we share some tips on how to prep...

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Newcross Climate Hack Ai

Newcross Healthcare is sponsoring the Climate Hack.AI competition

​At Newcross Healthcare, we’re pleased to be co-funding an AI competition to encourage people to re-think the UK's power grid for the sustainable future of healthcare.Healthcare is becoming increas...

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Ways To Relax After Healthcare Shift

​Four ways to unwind after a healthcare shift

Previously, we asked our healthcare community how they like to unwind after a shift. Here, we share some of their great relaxation techniques and how they can help you chill out after work. ​Spend...

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Ai Detect Future Diseases In Ageing Humans

Using artificial intelligence to detect future diseases in ageing humans

​Imagine if there was a technology in place that could predict future diseases that may impact people as they age, enabling patients to access better treatment. This could in fact become a reality ...

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Using Ai Ar To Help Locate Veins

Testing using AI and AR to help locate veins

​Research is always being carried out around the world to find new and exciting ways to treat patients, and this is exactly what has been happening in Singapore. Here, a team consisting of National...

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Winter Ready Car

Healthcare workers, are your cars winter ready?

​If you’ve ever gone out to your car before a shift to find out that it won’t start, you’ll know what an inconvenience this is. Car issues are even more likely to happen during the cold winter mont...

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Needle Free Injections

Needle-Free Injection Performed by Cobionix Robot

Cobionix, a start-up company founded at the University of Waterloo in Canada’s Ontario, have performed the first autonomous robotic intramuscular injection - an injection without a needle performed...

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Elderly Man Sitting

How to respond to falls

Falling down is common but usually a minor incident. However, if not addressed properly, the outcomes can be serious. Juliette Millard explains some key techniques in assessment and care to ensure ...

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Nutrition and care of the elderly

N​utrition and Hydration Week has taken place every March since 2012. Its purpose? To unite people, and to create energy, focus and fun in order to highlight and educate people on the value of food...

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Support Worker Ad

What qualities do you need to become a healthcare assistant?

​Have you ever wondered what qualities you need to become a healthcare assistant? Aside from kindness and compassion - two essential characteristics you need if you're considering a career in care ...

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Virtual Reality Headset

Health Benefits of Technology: Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that has been around for decades and has made a difference across a number of industries, including healthcare. In the 1990s, there was a brief boom in the numb...

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Cold Weather

How to cope with winter weather

People over 65 and those with mobility issues or health conditions can find it harder to cope with winter weather than others. This is because their immune systems are often weaker and the cold w...

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Trust Written In Sand

Love and trust in the care profession

​Love and trust are two cornerstones of the care industry. Trust is integral to the work we do. Without trust, we couldn't positively impact the lives of thousands of people all over the UK each ye...

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Elderly Women With Carer

How to tell if someone in your care is becoming unwell

​As a carer, you'll know that a person's health can deteriorate quickly, and failing to act promptly can have serious consequences. This is why it’s so important that you are able to tell when som...

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Advice for graduate nurses

​Finishing university can be uncertain time for any graduate, and graduating as a nurse is no different. Fortunately, for anyone who studied degree-level nursing, our healthcare staff are on hand t...

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