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Benefits of being a healthcare assistant

Healthcare Careers

Coined as the ‘linchpins of the care world’, healthcare assistants serve on the front line of the healthcare industry. Working alongside doctors and nurses in a supporting role, healthcare assistants are at the forefront of what we do at Newcross, delivering excellent care to our service users. Here, we share some of the benefits of being a healthcare assistant.

No two days are ever the same

You won’t get bored as an HCA! One of the main benefits of being a healthcare assistant is that the role is varied. It includes a range of tasks and activities such as personal care, domestic tasks and general activities that allow the individual being cared for to live their life in the manner in which they choose.

You’ll receive proper training

Every month we deliver between 150 and 200 courses to over 1,000 Nurses and Healthcare Assistants. Led by our dedicated in-house clinical trainers and supported by a network of individually selected local partners, all Clinical Courses are developed with and endorsed by our Clinical Governance Team. With Newcross, you’ll have access to our NVQ/SVQs depending on availability and funding in your area. We also offer a variety of clinical courses, ranging from End of Life Care to Moving and Handling. Learn while you earn!

The work is flexible

Another one of the benefits of being a healthcare assistant is that you can take advantage of our agency style working, fitting your career around other daily activities. This is an ideal job for those who have family commitments or study plans. Being flexible allows you to meet your clients’ expectations and live your life however you choose.

It’s the ideal job for a ‘people person’

Caring allows you to meet new people all the time. As well as service-users, you’ll be part of a team of carers and healthcare professionals who you’ll be working closely with. Being a carer offers provides you the opportunity to become active in your community, making a difference.

Being a carer gives you the unique opportunity to make a real difference in someone’s life

Care and companionship really does make a difference. A benefit of being a healthcare assistant is that you’ll spend the most one-on-one time with patients. You will often be caring for those who are at their most vulnerable and they will rely on you for support.

Would you like to be a healthcare assistant? Take a look at our current vacancies today! We’d love to welcome you into the Newcross community.

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