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Developing your career in care

Continuous professional development, or CPD, is a crucial step to develop your career in care at Newcross. You can boost your career growth and your ability to upskill through the free online learning provided by the different Newcross learning platforms, such as FuturU and Newcross World.  

Learning & Development Online 

Completing online courses and training is a fantastic way to develop and progress your career in care. At Newcross, all healthcare staff can access free online training courses through FuturU and Newcross World. As part of your learning and development at Newcross, staff can utilise free online learning platforms via FuturU. Use these platforms to undertake training, ranging from clinical training such as Autonomic Dysreflexia to Bowel Management, to mandatory courses like Moving and Handling.  

Newcross World

On Newcross World, you can complete Virtual Shifts to test and develop your care performance and use the app’s interactive map to explore other care settings outside of your own, such as care homes, prisons, hospitals, schools, and home care. Nurses working at Newcross also have access to the Royal College of Nursing Institute’s online courses. Every week, Newcross healthcare professionals can also view over 20 free webinars led by experienced clinical trainers.  

Free online courses to develop your care career

By joining Newcross, you will have the chance to advance your care role, like the 12,821 Newcross staff who completed over 32,800 courses in July this year. In total, Newcross has been able to provide staff with 350,000 online courses to access, completely free of charge.  

All the free courses provided by Newcross can give you with the opportunity to upskill your care abilities, pick up more shifts in different care roles, and potentially increase the amount of money you earn. Professional development will boost your career in the long term, but also importantly be of benefit to those we provide care for, by allowing you to take on vacant care roles and provide the best possible care.  

If you would like to find out more about Newcross’ online leaning platforms and develop your career today, visit our healthcare career development page. For more information about Newcross World, please visit the following link.  

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