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Our HealthForceGo app helps healthcare workers to choose shifts, access their wages, and say goodbye to paper timesheets. Here are some of the things you can do with the HealthForceGo app to help create your ideal work/life balance.

My Profile

Your HealthForceGo profile holds all of your personal information and important documents, so you can check and update these whenever your details change. From contact information and bank details to your personal statement, hobbies and interests, there’s plenty that you can amend when required. Plus, you’ll be able to view your contract, our device policy, and the app’s Ts & Cs too.

Discover shifts

Though the HealthForceGo app, you can discover shifts and pick the ones that suit you. You’ll be able to see which client each shift is for, what grade the job is, how much it pays, and other useful details too.


With HealthForceGo’s handy AutoAssign feature, you don’t have to worry about missing out on suitable shifts when you’re busy. If you’re working or having a well-earned sleep, you can set auto-assign in motion for eight hours and it will automatically pick up shifts that suit your availability. You can even tailor it so that it only picks up shifts that meet all of your client, shift-length, expenses, and paid mileage requirements.


With just a few taps in the app, FlexiPay lets you immediately withdraw up to 50% of the value of any completed shift, so you’re not left waiting for your hard earned money.

Newcross World

The app also provides access to Newcross World, where you can discover which skills are required in certain settings and acquire them. This will help you to grow your career and open up more shift opportunities.


With HealthForceGo, clients can sign your timesheets digitally when you complete your shifts. You can view your timesheet details and add mileage and expenses if required before handing your device over to the client. They can then confirm the details and will need to sign and print their name. They can also leave feedback at this point, so don’t forget to remind them to do so!


HealthForceGo will automatically check you in and out of your shifts using your device’s GPS, so you won’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket! Alternatively, you can choose to check in and out manually with a few simple taps. You’ll also be able to add on any mileage or expenses where applicable.


When signing your timesheet through HealthForceGo, a client can choose to re-book you for up to 10 shifts in the future. They just have to select the dates they’d like you to work and will be shown whether you’re available. The client will then have to tick a box to say you’ve agreed to work the shifts before they can confirm them.


Clients can leave feedback for you when completing your timesheet via HealthForceGo and this can be seen by other clients when they book shifts – so gathering positive feedback is very important! The client simply has to tap one of the three ratings options (not good, ok, or great) and can leave a comment if they like too.

Help and Support

You can receive help and support directly through HealthForceGo, meaning that the answers you need are just a few taps away. Search through our FAQs and informative articles, or opt to speak to one of our dedicated team via Live Chat. The chat function is available from 6am to 10pm every day and you’ll typically receive a response within 5 minutes.

Download the app

To take advantage of all of these great features, download the HealthForceGo app today.

If you’re looking for healthcare staff to work in your setting, you can use the HealthForceGo app too! Find out more on our dedicated HealthForceGo App for Clients page.

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